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Love Reaching OutGary Hall7:00 AM
Hope From The Word Bill Luebkeman7:30 AM
Life From The WordChris Swansen8:00 AM
Grace InfusionMike Nimer8:30 AM
The Word For TodayChuck Smith9:00 AM
Breaking NewsDon Stewart9:30 AM (M-W)
Countdown to EternityKaddis/Stewart9:30 AM (Thurs)
Understanding The TimesJan Markell9:30 AM (Fri)
Lunch Time
Apply The WordTy Orr11:00 AM
Abounding GraceEd Taylor11:30 AM
A New BeginningGreg Laurie12:00 PM
Bridging The GapLloyd Pulley12:30 PM
Love Worth FindingAdrian Rogers4:00 PM
In TouchCharles Stanley 4:30 PM
Light On The HillJames Kaddis5:00 PM
Calvary LiveCalvary Chapel Aurora6:00 PM
Come To The TableMark Kirk7:00 PM
Search LightJon Courson7:30 PM
Abounding GraceEd Taylor8:00 PM
Understanding The Times, Wed OnlyJan Markell9:00 PM
Late Night
Life From The WordChris Swansen10:00 PM
Love Reaching OutGary Hall10:30 PM
The Word For TodayChuck Smith11:30 PM
Hope From The WordBill Luebkemann12:00 AM
Truth And Love In ActionGerry Brown1:00 AM
Grace In ActionBob Grenier2:00 AM
A New Beginning Greg Laurie2:30 AM
Love Worth Finding Adrian Rogers3:00 AM
In TouchCharles Stanley3:30 AM


Love Worth Finding Adrian Rogers8:00 AM
Captivated By ChristCarl van der Merwe8:30 AM
In TouchCharles Stanley9:30 AM
Light On The HillJames Kaddis10:00 AM
Bridging The GapLloyd Pulley10:30 AM
Grace InfusionMike Nimer4:00 PM
Servant QuartersGayle Erwin4:30 PM
Understanding The Times, SATURDAYJan Markell 7:00 PM
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